equine therapy

“Whenever we make a request of the horse, the point is to make a connection. The ultimate goal is to build a connected relationship.”

- Bettina Shulz-Jobe
Natural Lifemanship

equine therapy in Hillsboro

*currently on pause from this part of my practice*

I offer non-mounted, ground-based equine-facilitated psychotherapy (EFP) sessions on Fridays only at an equine facility in the Bald Peak area of Hillsboro. EFP brings clients outdoors where they can engage all their senses as they process emotional challenges. This therapy service stems from my training in trauma-focused relational and experiential models of equine therapy for presenting concerns such as:

  • Anxiety
  • Depression
  • PTSD
  • ADHD
  • Navigating life transitions
  • Relationship difficulties

As part of my training in EFP, I completed an intensive eight-month internship with Forward Stride in Beaverton working with adolescents and adults with a wide range of presenting mental health concerns.

what horses bring to the process

The horses offer a non-judgmental and calm presence that resonates for clients with anxiety and trust issues, encouraging a vulnerability to explore difficult emotional experiences with the support of a therapist.

The horses possess an innate, attuned ability to read a client’s internal emotional experience even though they may present as different in their outward expression, which also fosters awareness and insight for the client.

This therapy approach views the horse as a sentient being who has choices in the relationship. The client learns how to reshape internal ways of being and relational patterns to build safety, trust and connection, and learn emotional regulation skills, how to express needs and set boundaries, and increase self-confidence.

The experience of being with the horse in a natural environment, facilitated by a therapist focused on an experiential process to foster growth and change, is an option for those who are seeking an alternative or supplemental approach to office based therapy.

*I have taken a pause from this part of my practice*

I offer equine therapy services in the Bald Peak area of Hillsboro.

My equine therapy practice offers professional therapy to adolescent and adult individuals. Sessions are 55-minutes and the fee is $175, payable by credit card. I do not take insurance.

Office phone: 503-893-4141
Email: shay.larken@riverpsychotherapy.com