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“Shay is an innovative therapist with a warm, inviting, and curious approach...

that helped me connect with myself in ways I hadn’t experienced before. She has deep value for providing a safe, accepting environment and her supportive presence helped me move into difficult places, feel care, and shift patterns that were keeping me stuck and in pain.”

Shay Larken - River Psychotherapy Portland

Shay Larken

everybody hurts sometimes

Life is hard. Sometimes, we experience things that overwhelm our ability to cope causing feelings of powerlessness, depression, anxiety, anger, or grief. Our experience may feel like a wrecking ball has smashed into our life, or maybe it's been a slow leak and the foundation is cracking. Either way, we feel tired and not sure how to face the damage and rebuild or start anew.

Maybe you experienced a devastating trauma - that of losing a loved one.

Or maybe you find yourself here struggling to hold onto a relationship that feels broken. Or maybe you arrive here grieving the recent loss of a relationship. Or perhaps you long for a connected relationship, but it doesn't feel possible.

Maybe you look good on the outside and excel in your career, but in the quiet moments, you feel lousy on the inside and wonder what is missing or what lies beneath the heaviness.

Or maybe you grew up in a home where there was abuse or neglect, and you now carry the remnants of that trauma in your beliefs and body and it shows up in depression, anxiety, post-traumatic symptoms, and substance abuse, and you're ready to unpack the past and change who you are in the present.

Or maybe you're not sure what is wrong, but you are wracked with anxiety and are losing hope that things will improve.

None of us are immune from loss, heartbreak, or the shattering of something that felt sure, but you are not alone and it's ok to need support.



a trauma focused guide for difficult times

Whatever brings you here or is coming up for you, I provide a space grounded in safety, acceptance, attunement, patience, and compassionate care where you are seen and heard, maybe for the first time. I offer a safe container where you can explore what lies beneath the pain and despair, and experience repair and connection, and a place to create the best possible you.

My warm and authentic presence, combined with an education in the neurobiological, somatic and emotional impacts of relational trauma as well as a commitment to staying current on leading research and practices in trauma-focused therapy, provides you with a supportive path toward healing and integration.

we heal in relationship

My calling into psychotherapy is rooted in the awareness that we cannot heal alone, and recovering from relational trauma must tend to all of you – your mind, body, emotions, and soul.

I will be here as you learn to stay in the moment, be present with difficult emotions, explore the hidden parts of yourself, strengthen your resilience, gain insights into your relational patterns, let go of what is no longer helpful, and embrace the things that bring growth and connection within yourself and your relationships with others.

I will be a gentle witness for your soul, an encouraging guide for your heart, and a curious challenger for your mind on your heroic journey toward new ways of being with yourself and others.

my therapy approach

I will be a guide as we work collaboratively to process and heal from trauma and build new patterns that foster connection, resilience, and growth.

how can I support you

Trauma can manifest in our lives in multi-faceted ways prompting complex concerns. Your brave enquiry will be met with compassion and acceptance.

equine therapy

I also offer equine-facilitated psychotherapy (EFP) on Fridays at a rural location in the Bald Peak area of Hillsboro.

the truth is that things don’t really get solved.
they come together and fall apart,
they come together again and fall apart again.
it’s just like that.
the healing comes from letting there be room
for all of this to happen.
room for grief,
for relief,
for misery,
for joy.

- Pema Chodrön

are we a good fit?

I love this work and I understand the importance of finding a therapist who helps you feel seen, heard, and known. To ensure you experience this connection at River Psychotherapy, I invite you to contact me for a free 20-minute secure video (or phone) consultation.

Please be aware that email is not a secure form of communication. If you wish to discuss sensitive information please call me on 503-893-4141

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